Following the successful Zoom lecture by Aoife Hunt, the Christmas lectures by Yolanda Ohene and Colin Wright were a great success with at least 429 participants. Arrangements have been made for the Presidential lectures by Anna Pratoussevitch and Gaynor Bahan to be given by Zoom during March and April 2021 (see announcement on the left).

The Open Challenge paper has been circulated as usual and is also available for download at OpenChallenge_2021_Questions.pdf; there will be no prizegiving evening at UoL but we hope to hold an online event. The Pop Maths Quiz will take place online, on Saturday 6 March. If you are a teacher who wishes to register an interest in entering teams or you require further information, please go to Event_20210306_PopMathsQuiz.

Since we shall not be receiving our usual sponsorship this year, we have an urgent requirement for new members. Please join the Society if you possibly can. Further information appears below and on the Membership page. The FunMaths Roadshow also remains on sale. Apart from a subsidy from the MA and a possible grant from LJMU towards the expenses of the Pop Maths Quiz, membership subscriptions and Roadshow purchases are currently our only sources of finance.

The LivMS Bursary Fund (charity no. 1156909) remains open for business. For the remainder of our current financial year (ending on 31 July 2021), applications will be considered on a first come first served basis. Go to Joyce Hatton Memorial Bursaries for more information and to apply.

Welcome to the Liverpool Mathematical Society

Online Popular Lectures 2021

There will be two online lectures during the winter or early spring, one by the 2019/20 President, Dr Anna Pratoussevitch and the other by the 2020/21 President, Gaynor Bahan.

FunMaths Roadshow activities for use at home

FMR Home Activities

These activities are free of charge.

Teachers may make puzzles from this collection available to students in their schools for use on screen or after printing out.

Parents and pupils may access these puzzles directly at home, and should first read the Notes for Guidance.

Answers to the puzzles are provided, and there is a feedback form so you can get in touch with us.

The FunMaths Roadshow continues to be on sale during the COVID-19 crisis by download only (no CDs). You can see all the details here.


Membership of the Society is particularly important at this time as our funding for the future is in doubt, so please join if you can. If you are able to pay more than the standard subscription, any additional amount paid will be treated as a donation, for which the Society will be most grateful.

Click Membership to find out more - save by taking out a 5-year subscription. There is a reduced rate for ATM, MA and U3A members and also those who live at a distance and do not wish to attend meetings.


The LivMS Bursary Fund (charity no. 1156909) offers bursaries - more information on the Joyce Hatton Memorial Bursaries page. At this time, the trustees will give preference to imaginative projects designed to help in dealing with the problems associated with COVID-19. For the remainder of our current financial year (up to 31 July 2021), applications will be considered on a first come first served basis.

FunMaths Roadshow

Popular Lectures

Pop Maths Quiz

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