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The Society's programme for 2019/20 has been brought to a premature close due to COVID-19. However the FunMaths Roadshow remains on sale and we have many plans for 2020/21 (see below).


We are delighted to announce that Simon Singh has agreed to give the CHRISTMAS LECTURE

Details to follow ...

Before that, Aoife Hunt
will deliver a Popular Lecture

Details to follow ...

Bursaries! NEXT DEADLINE 31 May 2020

The LivMS Bursary Fund (charity no. 1156909) offers bursaries - more information on the Joyce Hatton Memorial Bursaries page. At this time, the trustees will give preference to imaginative projects designed to help in dealing with the problems associated with COVID-19. If funds are still available, applications made during June will be considered on a first come first served basis.

FunMaths Roadshow

The FunMaths Roadshow continues to be available as a download (not currently as a CD); payment can be deferred. Schools, having purchased the Roadshow, are free to adapt puzzles and make them available for their own students to work on at home or in small groups in school. Go to FunMaths Roadshow for more information and to order.


Membership of the Society is particularly important at this time as our funding for the future is in doubt, so please join if you can. If you are able to pay more than the standard subscription, any additional amount paid will be treated as a donation, for which the Society will be most grateful.

Click Membership to find out more - save by taking out a 5-year subscription. There is a reduced rate for ATM, MA and U3A members and also those who live at a distance and do not wish to attend meetings.


The 16th Annual LivMS Pop-Maths Quiz was held on Saturday 7th March 2020

and was attended by 98 students in 27 teams from 12 schools, and supported by 15 teachers.

2020 Pop Maths Quiz at
Liverpool John Moores University
2020 1st Prize
Liverpool Bluecoat School team 4
2020 2nd Prize (joint)
Runshaw College teams 1 & 2
2020 4th Prize
Liverpool Bluecoat School team 1
2020 5th Prize
Runshaw College team 3
2020 Runners-Up Prizes: Maricourt,
West Kirby, Winstanley & St John Rigby

FunMaths Roadshow

Popular Lectures

Pop Maths Quiz

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