FunMaths Roadshow activities for use at home.

These activities are free of charge.

Teachers may make puzzles from this collection available to students in their schools for use on screen or after printing out.
Parents and pupils may access these puzzles directly at home, and should first read the Notes for Guidance.
Answers to the puzzles are provided, and there is a feedback form so you can get in touch with us.

The FunMaths Roadshow continues to be on sale by download only (no CDs).
You can see all the details here

Read this first

Notes for Guidance

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A Bridge Too Far

Bottles and Crates

Coin Collection


Magic Circles

Magic Constant Squares

Never Say Die

Number the Triangle


Spot to Spot


Hints and Answers

Answers to all the puzzles


Dice without glue

Dominoes - full set of 28

Pentominoes 10 x 6

Tangram pieces


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