The Liverpool Mathematical Society Council

The LivMS Council (also known as the Committee) is a group of members of the Society who meet to plan the future activities of the Society. The Committee is elected annually at the AGM and normally meets twice a year, in September and January. We welcome new members who can bring new ideas to the Society.

If you are thinking of getting involved and would like to have a chat to someone first, please contact Ian Jarman via email at Come and join us!

President: Anna Pratoussevitch
Vice President: Gaynor Bahan
Minutes Secretary: Ken McKelvie
Treasurer: Peter Newstead
Deputy Treasurer: Chris Marchant
Bookshop Manager: Ann Newstead
Roadshow Development Officer Michael Jones
Ordinary Meetings Coordinator: Peter Giblin
Open Challenge Coordinator: Alison Carter
PopMaths Quiz Coordinator: Barry Grantham
MA Representative: Dave Pountney
Local Authority Secretary: Lisa Baggaley
ATM Representative: Mary Stevenson
Webmaster: Colin Wright
Other members: Martin Bamber
Tony Carter
Charlie Devlin
Ian Jarman
Declan Davis
Graham Reeve
Gordon Laing
Sasha Movchan
Colin Mercure
Other members: Joel Haddley

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