Open Challenge 2017

Open Challenge '17 Results


Open Challenge 2016

Open Challenge '16 Results


Please see the table below for the Open Challenge '16 Question Paper and Solutions.

The Open Challenge Competition was held in February Half Term week.

The topic for 2016 was Travel and Transport.

The Prize Evening was held on 4 May 2016 at Liverpool University.

Open Challenge '15 Results


The Open Challenge Competition was held in February Half Term week.

The topic for 2015 was Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland.

The Prize Evening was held on 29 April 2015 at Liverpool University.

We wish to thank the following for generous sponsorship and support.

Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Liverpool

Here is a selection of past papers and solutions:

2017 OpenChallenge_2017_Questions.pdf
2016 OpenChallenge_2016_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2016_solutions.pdf
2015 OpenChallenge_2015_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2015_Solutions.pdf
2014 OpenChallenge_2014_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2014_Solutions.pdf
2013 OpenChallenge_2013_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2013_Solutions.pdf
2012 OpenChallenge_2012_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2012_Solutions.pdf
2011 OpenChallenge_2011_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2011_Solutions.pdf
2010 OpenChallenge_2010_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2010_Solutions.pdf
2008 OpenChallenge_2008_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2008_Solutions.pdf
2007 OpenChallenge_2007_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2007_Solutions.pdf
2006 OpenChallenge_2006_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2006_Solutions.pdf

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