Open Challenge 2021

Open Challenge '21 Question Paper can be downloaded here OpenChallenge_2021_Questions.pdf

The Open Challenge Competition is open until 19 March.

The topic for 2021 is Nature

This year, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, we have extended the deadline for submitting entries to 19 March. This change is reflected on the paper which is downloadable from this page (but not in the paper copies sent to schools which were printed before Christmas).

If it is difficult for schools to post entries, they can encourage their pupils to send in their entries individually. All entries must clearly show their name, school name and school postcode. If sending them in individually, a maths teacherís contact name and email address would also be useful. Full details can be found on the Question Paper.

There will be no Open Challenge prizegiving evening in the University of Liverpool this year. We are planning to organise an evening of online activities to replace this. This does not affect any arrangements being made in respect of MEM Senior Challenge and MEM Challenge prize evenings.

We are pleased to acknowledge generous financial help received from W. H. Smith Promotions Ltd.

Here is a selection of past papers and solutions:

2021 OpenChallenge_2021_Questions.pdf Nature
2020 OpenChallenge_2020_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2020_Solutions.pdf Vision OpenChallenge_2020_Results1.pdf
2019 OpenChallenge_2019_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2019_Solutions.pdf Periodic Table of the Elements OpenChallenge_2019_Results2.pdf
2018 OpenChallenge_2018_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2018_Solutions.pdf Food and Drink OpenChallenge_2018_Results2.pdf
2017 OpenChallenge_2017_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2017_Solutions.pdf Games OpenChallenge_2017_Results2.pdf
2016 OpenChallenge_2016_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2016_solutions.pdf Travel and Transport OpenChallenge_2016_Results_new2.pdf
2015 OpenChallenge_2015_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2015_Solutions.pdf Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland OpenChallenge_2015_Results.pdf
2014 OpenChallenge_2014_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2014_Solutions.pdf
2013 OpenChallenge_2013_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2013_Solutions.pdf
2012 OpenChallenge_2012_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2012_Solutions.pdf
2011 OpenChallenge_2011_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2011_Solutions.pdf
2010 OpenChallenge_2010_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2010_Solutions.pdf
2008 OpenChallenge_2008_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2008_Solutions.pdf
2007 OpenChallenge_2007_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2007_Solutions.pdf
2006 OpenChallenge_2006_Questions.pdf OpenChallenge_2006_Solutions.pdf

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