When inviting someone to speak, there are various things that need to be considered in looking after them. This is an initial check-list of things to do. Some of these will be unnecessary, so common sense is required.


  • Issue an invitation
  • Agree the following:
    • Date and time
    • Expected composition of audience
    • Indicate expected numbers
    • Hosting:
      • Accommodation
      • Meals
    • Money:
      • Total
      • What's included?
      • Purchase Order Number
  • Confirm technical requirements
    • Make an explicit list
  • Arrange technical facilities
    • Explitly check things off
  • Email speaker to confirm:
    • Technical arrangements made
    • Arrival location and time

On the day ...

  • Meet them when they arrive
  • Escort them to their accommodation
    • Optional: meal beforehand
    • Non-optional: refreshments available
  • Escort them to the venue
  • Confirm technical arrangements
  • Confirm the timing
  • Introduce the speaker
  • Control the timing
  • Invite questions
  • Thank the speaker
    • Optional: meal afterwards
    • Non-optional: refreshments available
  • Escort to accommodation
  • Arrange departure details

Afterwards ...

  • Thank you letter
  • Payment
  • Check all was OK

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