These instructions are for how the system currently works,
but we are in the process of revising this to make it a
little friendlier ...

Creating new pages

Creating a new page is currently a little difficult.

Look at the URL of this line. You'll see that it has the name of the page at the end, after a "?". What you need to do is go to the URL and change that last bit to the name you want.

Here's the tricky bit. You need to put a capital at the start of every word. That tells the system how to re-insert spaces if necessary. If you don't do that you might get runtogetherwords in places you don't expect.

Try it - and good luck!

Creating an event

There's a specific method for creating an event. The LivMS Diary page is automatically generated, so the exact format is important, hence the magic page:

As always, in case of fire, contact Colin Wright
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