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Membership of the Society is now open for the year 2024/25. Any membership taken out now will run up to 1 October 2025 (1 October 2029 in the case of 5-year memberships).

Subscriptions are unchanged.

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Subscriptions for the LivMS are as follows:

Individual membership:
Reduced rate for MA/ATM/U3A Members:
Institutional membership
(Primary, Secondary, etc):

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If you are able to pay more than the standard subscription, any additional amount paid will be treated as a donation, for which the Society will be most grateful. Institutional membership for schools, colleges and other institutions is available. 5-year memberships are particularly useful. The reduced rate is available to U3A members as well as members of MA/ATM.

At the moment, personal benefits of joining the Society are limited to being kept up to date with any news and contributing to the website, which is designed to show connections between areas and to provide overviews of topics within mathematics.

The subscription year starts on August 1st and runs through to October 1st of the following year. Join now for a membership valid until 1 October 2025. Note the benefits of joining for 5 years; membership will run up to 1 October 2029.

Renewing members: Reminders will be sent out in September..

We request that all payments are made by bank transfer. If this presents difficulties, send an email to the Treasurer, Chris Marchant:

Payments by cheque will be subject to an additional charge of 1, in order to defray bank charges.

Join the Liverpool Mathematical Society:

Last updated 29 April 2024.
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