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The Hub Network

In March 2009, the University of Liverpool's Department of Mathematical Sciences Outreach Team secured funding from EPSRC, under their Public Engagement scheme, to set up a network of Hubs around the United Kingdom. These Hubs are able to deliver FunMaths Roadshow events on behalf of the Liverpool Mathematical Society, thereby giving schools a wider choice of dates than a single team could offer.

Click the name of your region here to jump to the right part of the list, then your local education authority for details of your nearest Hub. 


Local Authorities

The Hub Network

Click on the name of your local education authority below for details of the person in your area. Below are the Hubs on the Network.



South West


South East




West Midlands


East Midlands


Yorkshire and the Humber


North West


North East





Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or Overseas  
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