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LivMS Event:

* *Date:* 06 Mar, 2024
* *Time:* 17:00
* *Presenter:* Finn Allison
* *Title:* Fantastical modes and how to find them
* *Audience:* Year 11 up
* *Venue:* TBA University of Liverpool (Lecture Theatre B, Central Teaching Hub)
* *Registration:* Via [TicketSource](

* *Contact:* Peter Giblin


We hunt a two-fanged finite shape-shifter

made from masses, point-like, and springs, linear.

At natural frequencies it’s true nature is revealed -

the modes fantastical otherwise concealed.

With a radial pulsing it lures its prey

and devours them whole so the legends say.

Its syncopated beats form a hypnotic dance,

sending all who dare look into an endless trance.

A creature found lurking in the depths of caves,

you say “hello” and to you back, it waves.