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LivMS Event:

* *Date:* Wednesday 25 Mar, 2020
* *Time:* 17:30 - 18:30
* *Presenter:* Anna Pratoussevitch, LivMS President
* *Title:* The Secret Life of Bubbles - cancelled
* *Audience:* 16+ and all those interested in mathematics
* *Venue:* Lecture Room D, Central Teaching Hub, University of Liverpool L69 7BX
* *Contact:* Peter Giblin


! #The#Presidential#lecture#is#CANCELLED#due#to#the#COVID-19#situation#

* *The*Society*hopes*to*reschedule*the*Presidential*Lecture*to*a*date*in*the*Autumn*term.*


Entry is free to all students and to LivMS members; others pay 4 at the door.
Why are soap bubbles round? What happens when two bubbles meet? What is the shape of bubbles in a soap foam? What happens if you dip a wire cube into soapy water? In this talk Anna will discuss the maths behind all these shapes and, of course, blow some soap bubbles.