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! Introduction

The following document is a draft of a Privacy Policy covering the
following organisations and activities:

* Liverpool Mathematical Society (LivMS)
* Liverpool Mathematical Society Bursary Fund (Registered Charity 1156909)
** Also known as the Joyce Hatton Memorial Bursaries
* FunMaths Roadshow - purchasers, events, and hubs

Although these are distinct and separate entities, many of the same
people are involved in more than one, and so this document has been
drafted to cover all of them. If anything changes then a separate
document will be drawn up and a forwarding link placed here.

We have deliberately keep this document as brief as possible, while
still providing information we believe to be relevant. Details of
how to contact us are at the end.

! Details

Privacy documents tend to be long, detailed, and legalistic, but in
essence, they boil down to this:

* We take your privacy seriously;
* We keep your data safe;
* We don't do anything naughty with your data.

This is true of all the entities covered by this document.

* In this document *"we"* and *"us"* are to be interpreted as meaning each of the above-mentioned organisations.

The data we hold is limited to be only that necessary to perform the
activities we believe you, the user, has requested. In particular:

* We retain data concerning purchases of materials or events;
* We retain contact details for those who have asked us to provide a service;
* All data is held securely;
* We only use data to perform activities implied by the communications with the user;
* User data is only accessible by appointed officers of the relevant organisation;
* No user data is shared between these organisations;
* No user data is supplied to external organisations.

The data we hold may consist of some or all of the following:

* Name
* Address
* Email address
* Purchases made
* Events attended

Some additional data may be held concerning applications for the
Joyce Hatton Memorial Bursaries.

Some of this data must be kept as part of general financial record
keeping. The only other processing we do is to send the occasional
email to keep people informed of related activities. We believe that
all the data we have has been given to us by the individual involved
for the purposes for which it is used.

You have the right to request the information we hold for you, and
the right to request us to delete information so far as is permitted
by law. Please contact us if you wish to exercise these rights.

! Contact details

| *Organisation* | *Contact* | *Email* |
| Liverpool Mathematical Society | Colin Wright | |
| Joyce Hatton Memorial Bursaries | Peter Newstead | |
| FunMaths Roadshow : Purchases | Peter Newstead | |
| FunMaths Roadshow : Events | Chris Marchant | |
| FunMathsRoadshow : Hubs | Peter Newstead | |

Other contact details can be found elsewhere on this web site, but
these are the best ones to use.