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Sometimes a page is created, only later to discover that the same page exists,
exist in plural form. For example, Happy Number and Happy Numbers.

The stated preference for this site is to |>> [[[ |>>
!* We get more auto-linking !* _
!* if we
use the singular form !* _
for the
page name. !* <<| ]]] <<|

Most of the time, references to the plural form will automatically
link. For example, "numbers" links to the page number "number" automatically.

There are cases where this won't work. The different forms of "person" and
"people" make auto-linking sufficiently hard that any attempt to do it results
in the occasional incomprehensible error.

The rule of thumb inthese cases is to do what will most often read most naturally
in the
middle of prose. We use the phrase "One of the famous people" rather than
"a famous person" because the decision was made, on balance, that "Famous People"
gave a better balance of page name and prose.

There is no exact answer. The important thing is content and links. The site
will never be perfect. Do what will mostly work well, and play nice with people
whose opinions may differ.