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There are two main meanings of the word graph in Mathematics Mathematics:

(1) * A mathematical object consisting of nodes and edges.

** Such a graph is often represented by a diagram consisting of dots (representing nodes) and lines (representing edges).

(2) * A diagram illustrating the relationship between two or more variables.
** Such a diagram is often used to draw the graph of a function


We For a graph in the first sense - points and edges - we can define a distance function between
vertices /x/ and /y/ of a graph by taking the length of the shortest path from /x/ to /y./
Such a distance function defines a metric on the vertices, and thus we get a metric space.
If we put non-negative weights on the edges and define the function /d(x,y)/ to be the minimal
sum of weights taken over all possible paths from /x/ to /y/ we again get a metric space with
the elements being the vertices of the graph.