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!! ! This is a guide to installing the FunMaths Roadshow.

The Roadshow is sold as a Digital Download and as a Physical CD. these These instructions will explain how both work. ~work.

! !! Physical CD

Simply insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive of your PC or Mac. The CD will automatically start up in your default web browser if it is a PC. On a Mac, the CD-ROM drive icon will appear on the desktop. Open this, and then open the file called 'starthere.html'. The file will open in your default web browser.

Further instructions are present on the CD to how to access all the files and build and use the FunMaths Roadshow.

! !! Digital Download

When a Digital Download is purchased, a zip file is downloaded to the computer. This file may be saved anywhere on the computer.

On a PC, Windows XP, Vista or 7 have a tool built in for extracting the contents of a zip file. Right click on the zip file, select 'Extract Here' (the wording may differ, but essentially it will contain the word 'extract') and follow the on screen instructions. The Wizard will extract the contents of the zip file to a location of your choice. Once extracted, open the folder that appears and open the file 'starthere.html'. Further instructions are present within the files as to how to access all the files and build and use the FunMaths Roadshow.

On a Mac, since at least version 10.5 'Leopard' of the Mac operating system, a built in tool has existed to extract zip files and view the contents. Simply double click the file and the contents will be unzipped. Once done, open the folder that appears, and then the file 'starthere.html'

If you have any problems in following these instructions, or have any improvements would
to them, suggest any improvements, please email Lonnie at us by sending