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* *Date:* 16 Nov, 2023 Event postponed; new date to be confirmed
* *Time:* 17.00
* *Presenter:* Ems Lord
* *Title:* Maximising the potential of interactive games in the primary maths classroom
* *Audience:* Primary teachers
* *Venue:* University of Liverpool and online
* *Contact:* Baggaley, Lisa <>
* *Registration:* Via [Eventbrite](
In this session, Director of NRICH Dr Ems Lord will be encouraging the live lecture theatre audience to play along with some of her favourite online NRICH games for young learners. Along the way, we'll discover the theory behind the development of NRICH's interactive resources, including the often-overlooked connection between NRICH and LEGO, as well as ways discovering ways to adapt the games to accommodate the varied needs of a primary class. Ems will be our NRICH tour guide as we see squares, try to win the last biscuit and challenge ourselves to make the longest chain. Please note that the games in this session are highly engaging, be prepared to continue playing them later into the evening long after the lecture has ended!