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LivMS Event:

* *Date:* 13 Oct, 2022
* *Time:* 17:00
* *Presenter:* Zoe Griffiths
* *Title:* Adventures in the fourth dimension
* *Audience:* Year 11 and up
* *Venue:* Online
* *Registration:* Via the [Eventbrite]( page

* *Contact:* Peter Giblin
Zoe Griffiths is a member of ThinkMaths and Maths Inspiration

This interactive presentation introduces students to mind-bending shapes that exist in the 4th dimension in a highly visual and easily accessible manner. Students will be challenged to apply their mathematical thinking skills to higher dimensions and non-orientable shapes, and the session will involve interactive online voting and a hands-on activity. This presentation is suitable for any audience from higher level KS4 students to adults.