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LivMS Event:

* *Date:* 04 Mar, 2021
* *Time:* 17:00-18:00
* *Presenter:* Dr Anna Pratoussevitch
* *Title:* The Secret Life of Bubbles
* *Audience:* 16+ and all those interested in mathematics
* *Venue:* Online
* *Registration:* Please visit the [Eventbrite page]( for the lecture

* *Contact:* Peter Giblin
Why are soap bubbles round? What happens when two bubbles meet? What is the shape of bubbles in a soap foam? What happens if you dip a wire cube into soapy water? In this talk we will discuss the maths behind all these shapes and, of course, blow some soap bubbles.

Some links of possible interest:

[Soap Film Demonstrations by FlinnScientific, including the catenoid soap film from 2:44](

[3DXM Minimal Surface Gallery in 3DXM Virtual Math Museum](

[Soap Bubble Wires demonstration by IMAmaths, presented by Matt Parker](