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! Secrets of the Rainbow!

LivMS Event:

* *Date:* Wednesday 26 Feb, 2020
* *Time:* 17:30-18:30
* *Presenter:* Professor Ian Jones
* *Title:* Secrets of the Rainbow
* *Audience:* 16+ and all those interested in mathematics
* *Venue:* Liverpool John Moores University, Lecture Theatre 2, Redmonds Building, Brownlow Hill, Liverpool L3 5UG
* *Contact:* Peter Giblin

Entry is free to all students and to LivMS members; others pay £4 at the door.

In this talk, Ian Jones will present mathematical models, developed during the course of the last few hundred years, which explain some of the features of the rainbow. Such features include the circular shape of the primary and secondary bows, Alexanderís dark band, order of the colours, angle of the bows in the sky and many others. These will be discussed with the help of some secondary school geometry.

Letís find that pot of gold!