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* *Date:* 30 Oct, 2013
* *Time:* 17:30
* *Presenter:* Ben Sparks
* *Title:* Creation of Number
* *Audience:* Year 10 up
* *Venue:* Chadwick Large Lecture Theatre, Chadwick Building, University of Liverpool
* *Contact:* Peter Giblin,

Ben Sparks is a teacher, freelance mathematician, musician and speaker

Where do numbers come from? A whistle-stop tour of some of the exciting bits in the development of number, from integers, rationals, irrationals, all the way to complex numbers - with some proofs and fractals thrown in...
Along the way: Who killed Hippasus and why? Just why is A4 paper 297mm long? How do you know when there are -1 sheep in a field? What is the square root of -1? Why does it matter?

Is maths created by us, or are we discovering eternal truth?


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