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LMS Event:

* *Date:* 12 Sep, 2013
* *Time:* 17:30
* *Presenter:* David Bedford
* *Title:* Committee Meeting
* *Audience:* LivMS Council
* *Venue:* Liverpool University
* *Contact:* Lonnie Readioff
!! Minutes of the Committee meeting
Thursday, 12 September 2013, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, Liverpool University.

Apologies received from Peter Giblin, Lisa Baggaley, Sue Pope, David Pountney, Martin Bamber and Colin Wright.

Present: David Bedford, Lonnie Readioff, Mary Stevenson, Jacqui McClellard, McClelland, Michael Jones, Alison Carter, Tony Carter, Ken
McKelvie, Barry Grantham, Ian Jarman, Ann Newstead, Peter Newstead and Sue Harkness

!!! 1. Minutes and Matters arising (not already on agenda) from the previous meeting, 20 June 2013
The Minutes were circulated in advance of the meeting. Thanks were offered to those who spotted mistakes. A small item (spelling mistake) was noted and corrected. Comments in the minutes to ‘Primary Team’ and ‘Primary Masterclasses’ were raised and the details were repeated from the last meeting.

!!! 2. Treasurer’s Report (Peter Newstead)
Peter circulated the accounts for the previous year, and no comments were raised.
* 2.1 Proposed agreement with John Bibby in connection with MWUK
** There was some discussion over the proposal, focusing on ultimate ownership of the Roadshow. It was decided that proper safeguards in the details were present to allow the proposal to go ahead, and so this proposal was accepted.
* 2.2 Proposal to seek charitable status for the Joyce Hatton bursaries
** The status would be that the Bursaries would be formally separate from the Society, though it would be funded by the Society. Trustees would be needed, in a similar style to those of MEM. There would be some benefits to doing this and a brief discussion was held over what exactly these benefits were. Ultimately, it was decided to go ahead with the proposal, and Peter Newstead would write it in the new year.

!!! 3. Sub Committee for CPD events
At present there are no firm dates and plans are still being finalised. A meeting might be held on 23 November (with two
speakers running it) for ~Secondary on ~real life applications and possibly a meeting on Problem Solving for A/A* GCSE
in late February. Currently there are no plans for any Primary meetings. Information on the Primary Masterclasses was
also provided - there will be several meetings at various Hope, possibly 7 November and at Belle Vale on 21 November.
These are for year 5 and 6. Advertising will go out soon and details will be shortly provided for the LivMS website.

!!! 4. 2013/14 Meetings and Events
* a) Open Challenge (Alison and Tony Carter)
** Questions are currently being requested and the deadline for completed papers is towards the end of October so that Peter Ackerley can draw the pictures in good time.
* b) Pop Maths Quiz (Sue Harkness)
** Ian stated that JMU were more than happy to host the event next year in the same way as for 2013 and that the event will be held on the first Saturday in March 2014. Sue would also like assistance with the questions and to know if anybody has an active vote system that she could borrow for the event.
* c) Ordinary Meetings
** Two events are scheduled.
*** Ben Sparks with the title "Creation Of Number?", Wednesday 30 October 5.30pm at the University of Liverpool. This will be held in Chadwick and Chris Marchant will buy refreshments. Michaela nd Michael and Lonnie will run the refreshments on the night. The dinner after the talk is at Ego, and those wishing to attend must sign up on the web page on the dynamic website. Ben will be booked into the Adelphi hotel. Martin will email schools he knows with a reminder about the event. It was decided that the email should include Car Parking and times when (and which) Car Parks are avliable. available. It was also decided to add a Car parking page to the dynamic website.
*** Thomas Woolley will give a talk, title undecided, on Thursday 6 March 2014, again at the University of Liverpool.
* d) Ordinary Meetings – Local Speaker
** Possible names include Paulo Lisboa with a possible Stats/Medical Stats talk. This could be held at JMU, maybe in March. It was decided that Peter Giblin should approach him at some stage.
* e) AGM and Presidential Lecture
** No title yet, but this will appear by the end of December for inclusion in the January Orbiter.

!!! 5. Website Development / FunMaths Roadshow Sales Update (Colin Wright / Lonnie Readioff)
Colin sent an email update:
* "We have now implemented the option of a 5 year membership subscription, and having just returned from 4 weeks in Australia, I am coming back up to speed with things that need to be done. Most urgent is to send final reminders soon, as payment is due by October 1st (I think). Included in that email will be instructions on how to pay for renewals. I believe that is accomplished simply(!) by sending Peter the payment, and then him recording it appropriately. _ _ "After October 1st I will implement a 14 day grace period, and then start removing people from the memberships lists, keeping, of course, a backup. _ _ "I've also implemented a means to show a complete FunMaths Roadshow price list, without having to go through the initial stages of selection and purchase. Lonnie has linked to that from the main FMR web site. Things are slowly becoming more consistent and integrated, and I acknowledge and appreciate the work being done by Lonnie and Peter as they assist me with this. _ _ "Much more work is planned, but I am taking stock before starting on anything more major just now."
An update on Roadshow Orders was presented and it appears that the system is being well used.

!!! 6. Anniversary Marking (Ken McKelvie)
Ken requested this to mark, potentially, various anniversaries, such as 15 years of the FunMaths Roadshow. It was
decided that comments/details could be added to Footers of various documents and that some postcards with puzzles on
might be produced.

!!! 7. Maths Association Business (Dave Pountney) / _ ATM Association Business (Sue Pope)
Maths Association
* Dave reported:
** "I've passed on details of Ben Sparks talk to the editor of MA News and those details will be on the MA website soon. I'll represent LivMS on the MA Branches committee meeting on 26th October as usual. Also as usual, I'd be grateful for details of the 'best 3 events of 2012-13' in Liverpool, and any items you may wish me to put forward to the MA. The main item of MA is to inform members re. BCME8 Conference at Nottingham Univ. from 14th-17th April 2014. Details and application form available on MA website (and many other places)"

ATM: No notes were provided.

!!! 8. Mathematical Education on Merseyside News (Barry Grantham)
MEM met the previous night and the deadline is 20 December for items to the Orbiter. MEM has a brand new secretary
in the form of Julie Powell. Barry has added a counter to the MEM website detailing how many times it is visited and
what people are downloading

!!! 9. Date of next meeting and location
The date for the next meeting is 6 February 2014 at Liverpool University, again 5 for 5:30.

!!! 10. A.O.B.
No AOB was raised with the secretary prior to the meeting.