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LMS Event:

* Date: 06 Jul, 2012
* Time: 10:00
* Presenter: Martin Bamber
* Title: Merseyside MathsWorks
* Audience: Sixth Form Students
* Venue: University of Liverpool Dept of Mathematical Sciences
* Contact: Martin Bamber
Download a flyer here -

Download a review of the event here -

We have just added the finishing touches to a NEW maths event for SIXTH FORM STUDENTS (which we hope will become an annual event) in order to raise awareness of how maths is used in the workplace.

Students often study sixth form maths without any real appreciation of just how the techniques they cover are actually useful in the real world. They also rarely meet practicising mathematicians who are not maths teachers! "Merseyside MathsWorks" is designed to change all this: we have recruited some great speakers with really interesting backgrounds and careers to give short presentations on their work, followed by workshops where students can use their mathematical knowledge to tackle the problems encountered by these professionals.

Full details are contained in the attached document, but some brief points to note are:

- The event will be held at the University of Liverpool Dept of Mathematical Sciences on Friday 6th July 2012 from 10am - 3pm,

- Places are initially limited to 12 sixth form students per school or college, and we would like a sixth form maths teacher to accompany each group,

- The event is FREE: students bring their own refreshments; lunch will be provided for teachers and presenters free of charge,

We very much hope you will be able to take part in what promises to be a real exciting initiative. Places can be reserved (on a first-come-first-served basis) by sending an email to me and specifying your school / college details, the number of student places required and the name and email address of the accompanying teacher.

Contact Martin Bamber for details.