Date Mathematician Composer Artist Other Event
~776BC First Olympic Games
~624BC Thales born
~569BC Pythagoras born
~547BC Thales died
~490BC Zeno born Battle of Marathon
~475BC Pythagoras died
469BC Socrates born
~427BC Plato born
~425BC Zeno died
~408BC Eudoxus born
404BC Diogenes born
399BC Socrates died
384BC Aristotle born
Demosthenes born
~355BC Eudoxus died
~347BC Plato died
356BC Alexander the Great born
~325BC Euclid born
323BC Alexander the Great died
Diogenes died
322BC Aristotle died
Demosthenes died
~287BC Archimedes born
276BC Eratosthenes born
~265BC Euclid died
~212BC Archimedes died
194BC Eratosthenes died
44BC Julius Caesar
Date Mathematician Composer Artist Other Event
1066 Battle of Hastings
1386 Donatello born
1452 Leonardo born
1465 Ferro born
1466 Donatello died
1473 Copernicus born
1475 Michelangelo born
1483 Raphael born
1500 Tartaglia born
1501 Cardano born
1518 Transit of Venus (unobserved)
1519 Leonardo died
1520 Raphael died
1522 Ferrari born
1526 Ferro died Transit of Venus (unobserved)
1543 Copernicus died
1545 Cardano publishes solution to cubic equation
1546 Brahe born
1557 Tartaglia died
1564 Galileo born Michelangelo died
Shakespeare born
1565 Ferrari died
1571 Johannes Kepler born
1576 Cardano died
1601 Pierre Fermat born
Brahe died
1616 Shakespeare died
1618 Jeremiah Horrocks born
1623 Pascal born
1630 Johannes Kepler died
1631 Transit of Venus (unobserved)
1638 Galileo fails to measure the speed of light
1639 Transit of Venus (observed!)
1641 Jeremiah Horrocks died
1642 Galileo died
1643 Isaac Newton born
1644 Ole Roemer born
1662 Pascal died
1665 Pierre Fermat died
1666 Great Fire of London
1676 Ole Roemer uses the moons of Jupiter to estimate the speed of light
1685 Bach born
1702 Bayes born
1707 Euler born Wrecks on the Scilly Isles
1714 Prize offered for a solution to the longitude problem
1720 Ole Roemer died
1727 Isaac Newton died
1728 James Cook born James Bradley uses stellar aberration to measure the speed of light
1732 Haydn born
1750 Bach died
1756 Mozart born
1758 Nelson born
1761 Bayes died Transit of Venus
First proof that pi is irrational
1768 Argand born
1769 Napoleon born Transit of Venus
1770 Beethoven born
1777 Gauss born
1779 James Cook died
1783 Euler died
1789 Cauchy born Storming of the Bastille
1791 Faraday born Mozart died
1804 Eroica (Beethoven III)
1805 Nelson died Battle of Trafalgar
1808 Beethoven V
1809 Haydn died
1811 Galois born
1815 Waterloo
1819 Foucault born
1821 Napoleon died
1822 Argand died
1827 Beethoven died
1831 Dedekind born
1832 Galois died
1840 Tchaikovsky born
1845 Cantor born
1855 Gauss died
1857 Cauchy died
1867 Faraday died
1868 Foucault died
1874 Transit of Venus
1879 Einstein born
1882 Transit of Venus
1893 Tchaikovsky died
1903 Wright brothers first flight
1905 Einstein's magical year
1916 Dedekind died
1918 Cantor died
1955 Einstein died
2004 Transit of Venus
2012 Transit of Venus
Date Mathematician Composer Artist Other Event

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