Since this site is pretty much an amorphous blob, navigation is different.

Here are your facilities.

All Pages

You can visit a page that lists (nearly) all the pages on the site. Then you can use Control-F in your browser to look for any specific page in which you're interested.

The link to All Pages is in the box at top right.


Also in the box at top right is the link to the search facility. you can search for whole words, general text, pages that don't contain words, or any combination.

It's worth having a play to see if you favorite topics are covered. Yet.

Edit the page

Top right or foot of the page, there is a link to edit the content. Yes, you can edit most pages, all we ask is that you play nice.

Links into this page

When viewing the page on, say, complex numbers, you might want to see all the pages that mention them. You can do that by again going to the box at top right and clicking the links that says "Links to the page."

Recent changes

You can see the pages that have been changed recently (and not so recently) by clicking the Recent Changes link. By now you should be able to guess where that is.

Page history

Here's a different place to look. At the foot of each page you can ask to see the most recent change made, or the complete edit history of the page. From there you can also revert a change in case you (or someone else) made a mistake.

Now we'd ask that you read the advice for new users. There's a link to that on every page - can you guess where?

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