A hexahexaflexagon is a flexagon with six edges which can reveal six faces.

Cut a strip of 19 equilateral triangles and label as shown.
Fold the strip as if it were being wrapped around a ruler.
Fold under as shown.
Fold under as shown.
Bring the side 1 in front, fold the side 2 to the back and glue together the unnumbered faces.


Pinch one of the radial folds into a mountain ridge. All radial folds should now be alternately formed into valley fold/mountain fold. The centre might now open out to reveal a hidden face. Be careful: not all first choices of radial folds will produce a flex - don't force it. Just rotate the hexaflexagon by 60 degrees to a neighbouring radial fold which will then flex.

An animation of a flexing hexaflexagon can be seen at: http://www.drking.plus.com/hexagons/flexagons/simul.html


The schematic diagram below shows the possible faces which are available whilst flexing. Different choices of numbered faces being produced by selecting different radial folds when available.

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