Having mastered Formatting Stage Two, you might want to make some words bold, some words italic, and some words bold_italic.

You can get bold and italic by putting splats and slants on each end of the word. The markers must be on the outside of any punctuation.

Yes, I know that's annoying, but otherwise it gets confusing as to what's punctuation and what are instructions to the formatting. Sorry.

You can also turn an entire block bold or italic by putting pling-splat (!*) or pling-slant (!/) by themselves. Another instance will turn the formatting back off again.

You can also get

Again, pling-hash, pling-dash and pling-underscore turns the effect on for an entire block. This paragraph, for example, starts with "!#".

You can click on the Edit Page link to see the plain text version of this page.

Now move on to Formatting Stage Four.

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