You can create tables by putting vertical bars at the start, end, and in between fields.

Here is an example
of a table using
vertical bars

Lines must not have trailing spaces to use this effect. Remember, click on the Edit Page link to see the plain text that creates the effect.

Columns and floating boxes

You can create a floating table by putting "[[[" before and "]]]" after. You can make the table float to the left or right by using "[[[<" and "[[[>" respectively. Here I've made the table float to the left.
You can also make columns using "COLUMN_START", "COLUMN_SPLIT" and "COLUMN_END". Putting a hat symbol (caret) after the start and split bits makes the columns align at the top.

An underscore
by itself forces
a line-break.

You can see all these effects and more on the Test Page.

See also: Automatic Linking.


You can create section headings too. Just start a line with some plings (exclamation marks- "!") and that becomes a heading.

Heading sizes

More plings means a smaller heading.
More information on Formatting Stage Five ...
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