Here I will document the work done, pending, and to be considered.

If/when you provide feedback, please check that your suggestion is not already being dealt with by one of the changes planned.

To Do

  • Remove interactive package option
  • Secondary boxes 8-12 are A-level boxes
  • Files need to be put on the server for download.
  • Marking a physical CD as "Paid" needs to provoke a different email.
    • Teach the system about physical vs non-physical
    • Allow for mixed orders

Lonnie To Do

  • Create links from existing to the new website.
  • Landing page explaining what the FunMaths Roadshow is, and offering choices:
    • Already have an old V5
    • Already have a new V5
    • Do not have an existing copy


  • Peter's address is Mathematical Sciences - with an "s".
  • Primary boxes are -1 to 3
  • Add a secondary boxes package: 8 through 12
  • A language module contains all boxes for the language

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