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LivMS Event:

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168 students in 42 teams from 16 schools expressed interest initially.

139 students in 36 teams from 15 schools took part on the day.

'It's really good to hear that this is still running and our 6th formers will be taking part!', 'Thank you for this', 'Looking forward to it', 'This is a great idea - hope it's okay to join all the way from East Anglia!', 'We may be adding further teams', 'Looking forward to it'

We are hosting the 2021 Pop Maths Quiz on Zoom, using breakout rooms for teams of up to 4 students.

The date is confirmed as Saturday 6th March 2021

The timing will be from 0945 to 1400 , with a short break for lunch.

The names of the team members are required in advance so that breakout rooms can be allocated on Zoom.

The quiz questions will be released to the students in the breakout rooms on the day from the LivMS website.

The students will only require pen and paper, in addition to a device to access the internet for the Zoom meeting itself, and to download the quiz questions.

It is expected that students will NOT use calculators or the internet or other devices or sources when answering the quiz questions !

Answers and solutions will be shared with the students by Zoom on the day, after a short break for lunch.

We anticipate making certificates available for the students in their teams but unfortunately, it will not be possible to award prizes this year.

What does it cost?

There is no entry charge for this event.

To see more details and previous prize-winners click: Pop Maths Quiz


We wish to thank the following for generous sponsorship and support for this event

Liverpool John Moores University

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