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Mathematics can tell us a lot about the world around us, but surely it doesn’t have a lot to say about feelings? In this talk, Lisa will explore a wonderland of behaviours that are hidden to the human eye, but not to an algorithm. Find out how Markov chains, agent-based models and fractal analysis, typically used to describe swirling galaxies, a rugged coastline or the detail of a snowflake can help to understand complicated and bizarre behaviours and the feelings of the animals performing them.

A biologist by training but with a life-long love of maths, Lisa spent many of her early years creating mathematical models to understand the biological phenomena around her. She has since spread her wings to include a huge variety of species and uses maths to predict their future behaviour and even their future health problems. In 2010, she was named Young Animal Welfare Scientist of the Year, and in 2014 she won the British Science Festival Charles Darwin award for excellence in science communication. Lisa is a member of Maths Inspiration

Lisa Collins' A Levels included Maths and French, but she went to Oxford to study her favourite subject - Biology. She went on to do a PhD in the mathematics of - wait for it - chickens, and how they socialise. Her favourite animal is currently the axolotl.

CAR PARKING: There is a multi-story car park with entrance near the bottom of Mount Pleasant, a few minutes walk from the Redmonds Building. This car park closes at 8pm.

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