LivMS Event:

The Presidential Address will follow the AGM, given by outgoing President Lisa.

"Exploring the use of Structured Apparatus
to develop Mathematical Understanding"

Abstract: We will be exploring how Numicon and Bar Modelling can be used to support children to visualise and understand mathematical concepts and how motivated imagery and model drawing can provide an important transition from the concrete to abstract concepts.

Documents for review

The following documents are available,
and committee members are requested to
review them before the meeting to help
finish promptly.

Addendum: A majority of the committee
has now voted in favour of the nomination
of Julie Powell as a new committee member.
This will now be taken forward to the AGM.

Agenda AGM_20150513_Agenda.pdf
Minutes from 2014/05/08 AGM_20140508_Minutes.pdf
Interim accounts AGM_20150513_Accounts_Interim.pdf
Review of the year AGM_20150513_Review.pdf

Notes for the minutes:

Apologies received from:

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