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What does it mean to be musically 'in tune'? The story takes us from Pythagoras to the modern day. We'll see why the standard Western tuning of instruments is in fact out of tune and we'll see how mathematics revolutionized the music industry via software that helps singers sing in tune. Along the way we hope to solve the puzzle of the Beatles' Magical Mystery Chord. This was featured at the British Science Festival in Aberdeen, 8 September 2012.

Refreshments from 17:00.


Building 211 on the campus map: which also shows visitor car parks. (Note that the 'staff car parks' are available to visitors only after 17:30.)

This is a free lecture for students (of any age) and members of the Liverpool Mathematical Society, no tickets required. Others do not need tickets either but will be asked to pay a 2 pound entry charge at the door.

Extra information:

The following links show that some controversy has been aroused over the Beatles' "Magical Mystery Chord:"

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