This is a working page just to make notes of dates of events.

Yet to be included/scheduled:

Here's the list of things I have so far:

2023/02/02 17:00 Popular Lecture Ivona Grzegorczyk LivMS Events Diary
2023/03/11 09:45 Pop Maths Quiz Barry Grantham MEM event
2023/05/09 MEM Senior Challenge prize-giving Barry Grantham MEM event
2023/05/16 MEM Challenge prize-giving Barry Grantham MEM event
2023/05/17 17:00 Presidential Lecture Damian Haigh LivMS Events Diary

Past ...

2022/12/13 14:00 Christmas Lecture Andrew Jeffrey Past
2022/11/24 17:00 Popular Lecture Ed Hardy Past
2022/10/13 17:00 Popular Lecture Zoe Griffiths Past

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