Create Event

This page is to add an upcoming event. Provide a valid date and event tag, and a web page will be created for your event. This will then automatically appear in the on-line LMS diary page.

When an appropriate date and tag have been recognised, the submit button will appear, and you can create the event page. Once the page is created with the details to the right, you must edit the page to confirm the details, or the page will be deleted. Additional information can be added then, or at any later time.

How This Works

You can click the 'Check' button as often as you like to see what the system makes of what you've entered so far.

When you're happy with the details, click the "Submit" button.

Event Tag

The event tag must be added, as it forms part of the new page name. An event tag might be the presenters name or something to indicate the type of event, such as "SecondaryCPD". Only letters, digits and underscores are permitted in the event tag.
e.g. Primary, Secondary, General, etc
Event tag:
Proposed event page name: No valid page name defined yet.
(requires a recognised date and an event tag)

No submission yet possible

{'DateComment': '', 'TimeComment': '', 'Title': '', 'Venue': '', 'EventTag': '', 'Presenter': '', 'Audience': '', 'Contact': '', 'Time': '', 'Date': ''}