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| Boxes -1 & 0: | Lower primary (years 1 to 4) |
| Boxes 1 & 2: | Upper primary (years 5/6) |
| Boxes 3 & 4: | Lower ~secondary (years 7/8) |
| Boxes 5 & 6: | Middle ~secondary (years 9/10) |
| Boxes 7 & 8: | Upper ~secondary (years 11/12) |
| Boxes 9 & 10: | A-Level / University transition |
| Boxes 11 & 12: | "Functional Maths", _ middle or upper ~secondary |
The LivMS FunMaths Roadshow material is an exciting ~series of mathematical activities designed to be used with students from the age of 5 - 18. This page describes the Roadshow and includes a link for ordering. There are separate pages on Roadshow History and Roadshow FA Qs.

The FunMaths Roadshow V6 consists of fourteen 'boxes'. Each box contains 25 mathematical activities displayed on coloured laminated A3 card, with associated equipment. Welsh versions of Boxes -1 to 8 are available and some other languages are available in an earlier version (V4).

Examples of the material and further information can be found at:

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To order a download (or CD) and to check on availability and prices, go here:

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Much of the equipment required is supplied in the form of templates, but some items need purchasing or making; advice on this is contained in the template files which are included in the downloads.

~Group sizes up to 60 students are appropriate. The puzzles are laid out on tables in a hall or other large space.

Children move around the room tackling the puzzles in any order they choose. Each pupil has a customised response sheet to be initialled by a helper when each activity is successfully completed. Helpers could be staff or older pupils from the school. In a typical session of 60 - 75 minutes, with pupils working singly or in pairs, most pupils will complete well over a dozen activities.

Certainly enjoyment and challenge are the most appropriate epithets to characterise the Roadshow as a whole. Experience has shown that everyone succeeds, including children with special needs.

Printed certificates are awarded to all students.

Examples of the material can be found at

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and information on requesting a visit can be found at

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To order a download (or CD) and to check on availability and prices, go here:

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When ordering the FunMaths Roadshow, the download link will normally only be sent once payment is received. If you have sent payment and not received the download link after three weeks, please check your Junk Items folder. Our emails seem to end up there occasionally.

If you require an urgent download before payment is made or have any queries concerning Roadshow orders, please email

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