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! To see more details and _ previous prize-winners _ click: Pop Maths Quiz
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LivMS Event:

* *Date:* 06 Mar, 2021
* *Time:* 09:45 to 14:00 - details to be confirmed
* *Presenter:* Barry Grantham, Tony Carter, Ian Jarman
* *Title:* Sixth Form Pop Maths Quiz
* *Audience:* Sixth Form
* *Venue:* online - details to be confirmed
* *Contact:* Barry Grantham:


!! Details of how to enter for Saturday 6th March 2021 will appear on this page

!! !# Teachers: Please use the Google Form which follows to declare your interest in entering teams this year.

!! [Google Form to register your interest for 2021 - click here](

*Any*school*or*college* can request *any*~number*of*teams* at this stage, but if we are overwhelmed with ~numbers, it might be necessary to ~set limits. We will do our best to be fair and inclusive.

!! !# 48 students in 12 teams from 5 schools have expressed interest already

You are encouraged to submit the Google Form as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, and *if*possible*by*Friday*29th*January* to give us an indication of the ~numbers involved.

Once the date and time and general organisation of the 2021 quiz have been agreed, *you*will*be*asked*to*submit*a*~second*Google*Form*to*register*the*names*of*your*students*in*their*teams.*


Early applications are very welcome. You can always make changes later.


We anticipate hosting the 2021 Pop Maths Quiz on Zoom, using breakout rooms for teams of up to 4 students.

The date is likely to be *Saturday*6th*March*2021* - to be confirmed once we have received these Google Forms.

The timing is likely to be from *0945*to*1400* , with a short break for lunch - to be confirmed.

The date and times of the quiz will be published on this webpage and teachers will be asked to complete another Google Form to register the names of the students in each team.

These details are required so that breakout rooms can be allocated on Zoom.

The quiz questions will be released to the students in the breakout rooms on the day from the LivMS website.

The students will only require pen and paper, in addition to a device to access the internet for the Zoom meeting itself, and to download the quiz questions.

It is expected that students will NOT use calculators or the internet or other devices when answering the quiz questions!

Answers and solutions will be shared with the students by Zoom on the day, after a short break for lunch.

We anticipate making certificates available for the students in their teams but unfortunately, it will not be possible to award prizes this year.


!! What does it cost?

There is no entry charge for this event.


!! !# To see more details and previous prize-winners click: Pop Maths Quiz


| IMG:2021_Flyer_v1.jpg |
| DOC:2021_Flyer_v1.pdf |


!! We wish to thank the following for generous sponsorship and support for this event

| _ IMG:LJMU_logo.jpg _ _ | *Liverpool*John*Moores*University* _ _ |