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Yolanda's talk will be about her time during the first lockdown when she volunteered at one of the covid-19 testing centres. It will be highly relevant but also a fun talk which covers the science behind testing for the virus, including exponential models, uncertainties, population and sample sizes.

Yolanda Ohene was an undergraduate at Imperial College. Her third year took her to France where she did a Masters research project. The project used an atomic force microscope - a tool that feels the surface of tiny objects – to study genetically modified bacteria which over-produce fats and are used as a biofuel. She subsequently studied for a PhD in physics at University College London where she researched new techniques to image the brain.

Yolanda enjoys communicating science at science festivals, school talks and comedy nights. She has featured on the BBC Tomorrow's World Live, given talks at Cheltenham Science festival and spoken in assemblies across schools in London. Yolanda grew up in Derbyshire, and if she's not talking science, you’ll find her dancing somewhere... anywhere!

Yolanda currently works at the University of Manchester School of Biological Sciences, in the Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology.

Colin Wright is a familiar figure in Liverpool Maths Club and Masterclass sessions. For information on Colin see

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